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NeuHomes Ltd. is a family owned and operated business; fully engaged in the complete process of construction. We manage closely what is happening from start to finish by building a limited number of homes each year. Striving for excellence, we make sure the owner is fully satisfied after the purchase. This is why all NeuHomes carry an all-inclusive 1 Year Warranty as well as a 10 year Progressive New Home Warranty.

Our goal is to ensure the buyer feels confident in their investment by creating a product that will meet their expectations and, therefore, making sure the prompt service of the new home is available when needed. We have been building our homes with the best trades available in Saskatchewan for almost 10 years. Our team is talented and they are tremendous people who strive for quality more than quanitity. Focused on creating a unique and personal space, while also being conscious of the clients’ budget, we are passionate about our work and we are here to stay. More than just a new house, let us build your NeuHome.

Kelly and Helen Neudorf,
NeuHomes Ltd.

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